The Production of Our Virgin Coconut Oil

The Raw Coconuts

"The Tree of Life" Virgin Coconut Oil is made only from fresh coconuts which are directly harvested from small farms in the neighboring villages of my hometown, Ormoc City, on the island of Leyte, Philippines, and which could be described as organic because the coconut trees are grown traditionally. They are neither treated with nor exposed to any chemicals.

The coconut farms are owned by small-scale farmers and are cultivated traditionally without using artificial fertilizers and chemicals. These small farmers grow only the traditional tall varieties of coconut palm – no hybrids.

The coconuts are delivered directly by the farmers to the processing site without any middlemen involved at all. This means that the farmers are getting a very good price for their coconuts which is higher than the price offered by the middlemen. The coconuts are especially hand-picked and only high quality, mature nuts are chosen for the production of our virgin coconut oil.


Method of Production

To ensure an excellent quality of our virgin coconut oil, all the coconuts are processed within 24 hours of harvest. As soon as they arrive at the processing site, they are immediately dehusked and cracked in half. The opened nuts are then ready for shredding.

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The coconut meat is grated (wet-milled) using a device which has a hemispherical rotating shredder attached to a motor. The shredded kernel is cold-pressed in a manual press to extract the milk. The coconut milk, which contains about 40% oil, undergoes a natural separation process and several filtrations to separate the oil from the water and solid components.

This method allows the shortest possible process of extracting the Virgin Coconut Oil and ensures that the oil still retains the natural Vitamin E antioxidants and the rich flavor and delicate taste of fresh coconut. The resulting product is a very clear, light-textured and very delicious virgin coconut oil, 100% pure and natural.

The End Product

"The Tree of Life" Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined, unbleached, non-hydrogenated and non-deodorized. It is neither added with chemicals nor exposed to heat at all in any step of the production process, therefore, all its natural essential nutrients are preserved. It is the purest, finest and most natural virgin coconut oil, the product of a gentle process and meticulous attention to details that we strictly maintain.

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