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Virgin Coconut Oil has been used for thousand of years in Asian and tropical cuisines.

It is a very healthy and chemically stable cooking and frying oil that remains stable at high temperatures compared to other vegetable oils due to its Medium Chain Fatty Acids which are heat resistant.

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Use our virgin coconut oil for pan-frying, deep-frying, baking and other culinary purposes. Surpri-singly, the taste of coconut disap-pears when the oil is used for frying. The fried food neither smells nor tastes like coconut at all.

The oil does not taste greasy but rather light and very neutral. The resistance of Virgin Coconut Oil to heat can be actually seen through its apperance after using it for frying since it will remain clear.

Whether it´s fish, meat, fried eggs or fried potatoes prepared with virgin coconut oil, using it is simply healthier while at the same time leaving no greasy taste to the palate

The oil adds a soft, exotic coconut flavor to your dishes when used at room temperature. Use virgin coconut oil for your salad dressings or use it for making your own mayonnaise. Its exotic taste is guaranteed to amaze you!

We deliver our Virgin Coconut Oil in practical 335 ml twist off glass jars. Due to the naturally occurring anti-oxidants in virgin coconut oil, it has a shelf life of at least 2 years when kept in a cool, dark place.

The melting point of virgin coconut oil is about 25°C, hence, it has a fine, creamy consistency at room temperature. This does not affect, in anyway at all, the quality of the oil. At temperatures above 25°C, the oil turns liquid and is crystal clear.

A detailed chemical analysis of our virgin coconut oil is available on the Link below:


The Philippines has a long tradition in the use of natural medicine. Hence, there are still a lot of natural healers practicing in the country today who find their medicine for healing in the rich flora of the country’s tropical rainforest.

Tia Trining
One of the famous and highly regarded natural healers today on the island of Leyte is Tia Trining who inherited from her father, a natural healer, her knowledge on the positive health benefits of numerous local plants.

Tia Trining makes her massage oil from 100 % virgin coconut oil blended with different roots and herbs. She has been using this oil successfully for the effective treatment of stiff muscles and relief of muscle pains.

For the massage oil production, special plants, gathered from the neighboring island and from the rainforest in Leyte, are infused in virgin coconut oil for several weeks. This allows the essential oil of the roots to combine with the virgin coconut oil to produce a massage oil of light yellowish texture with a delicate scent of fresh lemon grass.

The Tree of Life Massage Oil feels wonderful when massaged on the body because virgin coconut oil is a premium skin care product that penetrates immediately on the skin without leaving the skin greasy. The massage oil is free from preservatives and is not treated chemically. Due to its natural anti-oxidants, it has a shelf life of at least 2 years

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Our Massage Oil, like other coconut oil-based products, is solid at temperatures below 25°C. However, it can be applied directly to the skin since it melts immediately upon contact due to the temperature of the body.

Body Care

We will soon provide you with our new line of Body Care products based on Virgin Coconut Oil.

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